Our Vision

We are a medical organisation providing hope and healing in Eswatini and neighbouring communities.

Our Approach in Action

  • To collaborate and develop partnerships.

  • To deliver strategically needed, high quality and sustainable health care improvements.

  • To develop a relationship and long-term commitment with the communities we work with.
  • To educate the next generation of health care professionals.
  • To research how a community’s needs can be met.
  • To lead the way for implementation strategies through published work, ensuring others benefit from it
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  • Christian

  • Inclusive

  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Holistic approach to patient care

Our Core Values

  • Being Christ-minded in all we do.
  • Person Centred.
  • Strive for Excellence.
  • Learn and innovate.
  • Invest in and encourage education.
  • Value, Respect and Support others.
  • Ensure Patient Safety.
  • Equity in access to health care for the population of Eswatini

Who we are

Health professionals responding to the calling to serve the under-served, and train others to care. Permanent staff work with visiting professionals, student doctors and volunteers to create impact.

Our Governance

MME is governed by an International Board including local Board Members and a Senior Technical Advisory Council. The Board meets regularly to discuss all strategic areas of MME operations. Details of Board Members qualification, background experience are available to potential partners upon request.

Our Staff

MME has limited core staff who coordinate projects and services in association with partners providing additional human resources. This reduces operating costs and ensures sustainability in new services. MME has an experienced administrator who has over 10 years’ experience in ethical implementation of Health Care services including prevention, education and treatment in Eswatini. Administration is supported by a qualified Financial Manager who has a verifiable history of accountable delivery of financial oversight of international donor-funded programs guaranteeing high level compliance. Staff are supported and guided by the MME Executive Director, an established local Medical Practitioner. Additional details and qualifications for all MME staff are available to potential partners upon request.